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CELPIP Writing Tips for Achieving High Scores

Take a look at the following writing tips for gaining improved scores in your upcoming CELPIP exam.Taking professional coaching with Gratis  Learning, usually helps our students too.

Tip #1. Fulfill Fundamental Writing Requirements

Practice using a computer

As you know, CELPIP test is completely computer-delivered. Hence it’s a given that your computer skills should be up to the standard and efficient enough to be used comfortably during the exam.

Brush up your Grammar skills

Practice your verbs, nouns, tenses, phrases, etc. Either do a revision on your own or join an English class for advance learning.

Answer the whole question

Understand the question and cover it all in your answer. Make sure to write answers in a complete manner. Do-not give partial answers.

Use appropriate connectors to link your ideas

Use connecting words like ‘although’, ‘moreover’, ‘soon’, ‘in the meantime’ in your sentences to connect your ideas.

Use Capital Letters

This is the most basic English rule 101 but still important. Start sentences and names of people and places with capital letters.

Write in a logical Sequence

Make your content understandable by following a suitable sequence, well directed towards the context of your answer. Write emails, letters and survey in a standard format.

Select and explain the main idea

Each paragraph should have only one main idea around which your answers should provide proper explanations.

Suitable writing style

Based on the nature of the question, use an informal style when writing to friends and family and formal style when writing to people in authority. While writing informally, you can use short sentences with contractions but make sure to write full sentences while writing formal material and without contractions.

Tip #2. Provide an Overview for Some Tasks


Always make sure to provide an overview of your answer in the first sentences of your letter or survey response.

It helps the reader/test taker understand the objective of your answer.

Tip #3. Present Well Organized Content


Your writing should be well organized and clear to understand.

For this, make an outline of your response prior to writing which will contain your ideas to be fit into your final answer. Make a proper layout of your answer with proper structure and sequence that should be easily comprehended by the examiner. Use greetings or farewell where ever necessary.

Tip #4. Use Diverse Sentence Structure


Try to explain your answers with a mixture of simple and complex sentences.

While reviewing your answers, if you find that you’re using way too many simple sentences, combine them to form compound sentences. 

Overall objective is to construct sentences that vary in length and complexity. This creates great impact over your writing style and help you earn good scores.

Tip #5. Use Appropriate Range of Vocabulary and Grammar

vocabulary spelling

It would be beneficial to your exam score if you employ great vocabulary range in your answers.

Improve your vocabulary knowledge by learning and using new words every day. It’s easier said than done but definitely not an impossible task.

This is a plus, but try not to overdo it. Do-not confuse your examiner and yourself with highly intricate vocabulary. CELPIP tests whether you can function properly in the English governed country Canada. Keep in mind that theexaminer is not looking for academic or complex

Also avoid using very common words and their repetitions. For example, your content won’t look appealing if you use words like big, small, good, bad way too often. It will make you sound robotic. Instead use synonyms or antonyms to describe your answer.

Make use of diverse and natural vocabulary in your answers.

Use correct grammatical structures for positive impact.

Pay great attention to your spellings as well.

Learn as many as exam related tricks and techniques to memorize the correct usage of the learnt words.

Tip #6. Avoid Straying Away from the Given Topic

stick to the plan

In pursuit of fulfillment of the task requirements, test takers often tend to go off-topic. This is an unavoidable situation if you’ve not practiced your writing well enough. Improve your writing skills suitable for clearing CELPIP by taking coaching at Gratis Learning. Details are at the website:

When you give a read of your tasks, go through them sentence by sentence. Make clear judgement about your content whether it suffices the task requirements and what you originally wanted to imply. 

For example, if in a task you are asked to describe a scenario, you are supposed to only give the details of the scenario and not unnecessary information about the pre or post events of the scene. Examiners have least interest in knowing how that particular situation made you feel of what you did after that. Simple enough, stick to the question!

Tip #7. Pay Attention to the Word Count

word counter

Although there is no set rule to cross the word limit, doing so could affect your total CELPIP score. Do-not write less than the said word limit as well. To track your answer’s length, keep a watch on the word counter present at the bottom of the writing test.

Practice your writing as per the word count. Learn how many sentences can constitute 250 or 300 words.

Tip #8. Review your Responses

give a final review

Always save enough time for yourself to give a final review to your answers.

This is important to rectify any writing errors you might have committed or any left out point you forgot to add in.

Tip #9. Manage your Exam Time

background image

This tip applies on pre exam preparations as well. Practice your writing in a timed condition.

During the exam, you are suggested to use about 5 minutes to plan your response before attempting the test and save 5 or 6 minutes to revise your content at the end of the exam and make possible improvements. The rest of the time is up to you how you manage to complete your answer.

It’s important that you follow these tips and implement them in your exam. Make careful observation and give a quick check to your responses. Edit your answers under well coordinated time frame. And take up CELPIP coaching if needed.

All the very best!

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