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Your Australian student visa is essential if you plan to start attending an Australian institution on time, and staying abreast of its processing timeline and requirements – particularly with COVID-19 regulations in mind. In order to take advantage of longer processing times, make sure your application for an Australian student visa is submitted early!  Additionally, the processing period would be prolonged if the Immigration office asked for the provision of extra papers for verification. This blog will guide and assist you throughout the full student visa application process for Australia, enabling you to get your visa in time to start your studies

Australia's Student Visa Application Process

Three factors will determine which application for an Australia student visa you need. Your age, desired course of study, and the time you want to study in Australia. Regardless of your subject of study, you most likely need a student Subclass 500 visa if you’re an international student. 

By entering your country of origin, you may see a list of the prerequisites for an Australian visa on the official webpage. To be cautious, you may also sign up for a medical examination before submitting an application for an Australian student visa.

Depending on your circumstances, you can be requested to:

  • Enroll in a visa interview
  • Give proof that you have never had a criminal record.
  • Give further details.
  • Get a medical examination.

Application procedures for student visas to Australia will depend on your nationality. Ideally, starting the process should happen as soon as you receive an acceptance letter from your university of choice in Australia.

Step-by-step Guide: Australia Study Visa Application Process

The step-by-step instructions for obtaining an Australia student visa are provided here. You must follow each step to ensure your visa application is handled quickly and easily.                               

Step 1: Sign up and apply to a school in Australia

  • Obtain a letter of unconditional offer
  • Accept the letter, make the tuition payment, and get OSHC.
  • Get letters from eCOE.

Step 2: Gathering the necessary paperwork

  • Evidence of International Student Health Coverage (OSHC) 
  • Clearance certificate for police background checks from the country of origin
  • Verification of Registration (CoE)
  • English Language Test Scorecard (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE). ( If you want the best IELTS Institute in Panchkula, choose Gratis Learning because we have well-qualified trainers who can assist you in getting the desired score).
  • Verification of Funds (cash records)
  • GTE Requirement (writing a statement stating that this is a temporary visit and that you are going to Australia to study)
  • Additional paperwork that is especially needed for your application (check with the visa staff member who is processing your application)

Step 3: Apply for a student visa to Australia

  • Fill out the online application for a visa (subclass 500 mostly).
  • Verify the amount on your credit card is correct in Australian dollars.
  • Applications cannot be considered for approval without the required 
  • The application cost for a student visa to Australia

Step 4: Following the filing of the application for an Australian student visa

  • Schedule a health check-up.
  • An authorized Australian Immigration panel physician (hospital or clinic) must do the examination.
  • Make an appointment for the biometrics procedure (if necessary).
  • Send any further paperwork using your Immigration login (as requested or required).

Step 5: Results of Visa Applications

  • Your student visa will be provided by Immigration to your address by email or mail when it has been approved.
  • Australia offers electronic student visas. As a result, your passport will not bear any visa grant stamps.

Where To Apply For An Australian Student Visa Process?

The Australian Immigration Authority’s official website is where you may finish applying for a student visa to Australia. Before beginning the detailed procedure of obtaining an Australia student visa, you must register on the above website. Your name, phone number, and email address will be required.

You’ll likely need to submit biometrics while applying for an Indian student visa to Australia. Australia utilizes your biometrics, an alternative form of identity (such as fingerprints and photos), for security-related reasons.

You may apply offline as well. The Australian student visa application form may be downloaded or completed online via the DICA.

Enclose any corroborating legal records with your visa application, and fill out all the required signature places. To finish the Australia study visa application procedure, provide a copy of your passport with the required visa cost.

Please complete the application forms fully and appropriately to ensure your visa application is processed on time and without delay due to missing data.

Following the instructions above, you may make an appointment to speak with the Australian High Commission. and keep sending in more paperwork throughout the Australia study visa processing period.

When Should I Apply For An Australian Student Visa?

You can find information about the duration of the Australia student visa in this section. According to university rules, you must present for English eligibility exams and have the necessary paperwork to apply for an Australian student visa. Therefore, applying three to four months in advance is generally recommended to prevent any last-minute rush during the Australia study visa application procedure. 

You should allow a few more months for the application process if you want to apply for financial assistance, scholarships, and student loans. These applications need more time. If your communication skills are not good, then you can join the Gratis Learning English speaking course in Panchkula. Our educated staff helps you and gives you proper training.

Working While a Student: Australia Student Visa Time

During your studies, you can work in any industry while in Australia on a student visa (Subclass 500). You can work up to 40 hours in two weeks while enrolled at the institution. You can work an unrestricted number of hours during study breaks that your institution announces throughout your course. You can start working before you start classes at your institution if you arrive in Australia before the start date of your degree.

Australia Study Visa Cost

Answering the last but most important query, “How much is the Australian student visa fee?”

The cost of an Australia study visa is the same regardless of whatever Subclass 500 Student Visa you have chosen. You must spend AUD 650 for an Australian student visa if you are an overseas student. Nonetheless, an extra cost for application fees must be paid.

American Express, VISA, and MasterCard are accepted credit cards; when paying with an Australian dollar credit card, you may incur banking and currency translation costs and fluctuations that affect overall charges.


You will find it helpful to use all of the material in this blog while applying for an Australian student visa. Ensure you send in your completed application as soon as possible to avoid missing the deadline for processing visas. The first thing is to get a desirable score in IELTS. To find the best IELTS coaching centre in Chandigarh like us. Contact Gratis Learning anytime, and we can assist you in selecting the best course and Australian institution for you. Our goal is to assist you.

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