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Effective Tips for Acing CELPIP Reading Test

CELPIP Reading consist of four parts that assess candidate’s reading skills as per various criteria, such as coherence, readability, vocabulary and task fulfillment.

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You can prepare on your own for CELPIP Reading test through various preparatory material available online or join a coaching class for more guided preparation.

Besides that, here are some tips you might find useful for the preparation of Reading module of CELPIP:

1. Read and write in English

2. Engage in active learning

3. Learn from videos

4. CELPIP is not a memory test

5. Use skimming and scanning strategies for reading

6. Build up your vocabulary to avoid mind blocks during exam

7. Try to anticipate the correct answer

8. Keep track of the time

9. Always recheck your responses

10. Always provide relevant answers

11. Get professional guidance

let’s take a look at each tip one after another:

Tip #1. Read and Write in English

On a regular basis, try to read as much as possible in English. Read for knowledge, for leisure or fun. Read materials from different genres that might generate interest in you. Take up English newspapers, English magazines, online articles, novels, and even current affairs news in Canada. Reading on a daily basis will help you improve your reading speed and comprehension levels.

Read each piece of material carefully and then summarize them. 

Make a relative comparison between the summary and the passages to check the relevancy of your given answer.

Tip #2. Engage in Active Learning

Share your thoughts and ideas in English with your peers and family members as they may provide you that constant learning environment that will involve you actively. Even get their feedbacks on your reading skills. This will hugely help you by engaging in active learning in your own comfort zone which will ultimately benefit you by improving your reading skills.  

Tip #3. Learn from Videos

There ain’t any better source for effective learning other than the visual and audio route. 

Search for CELPIP reading test preparation videos online. Most videos are posted by test takers so you can get an insight based on real experiences.

You may easily find many useful ones on YouTube. They will help you with some great exam tips that you might find useful for your CELPIP exam.

Tip #4. Remember – CELPIP is NOT a Memory Test!

It doesn’t matter how good is your memory, do not take CELPIP as yet another regular exam. It does not test your memory skills!

You will be assessed on the basis of your reading skills so instead of memorizing stuffs, read the content carefully, identify the key points and try to extract the important information. 

Practice your reading skills to understand the context of the passage. You can do that via various means discussed on this page.

Tip #5. Use Skimming and Scanning Strategies for Reading

You don’t necessarily have to read every single word in the paragraph to give the correct answer. Learn the art of skimming and scanning. Go through each section, skim through the text to get the main idea. Then scan the text with relevant keywords and find the matched up answer. This saves time and help you to get the main idea of the paragraph.This is a very useful strategy for CELPIP reading test for managing your overall exam time as well. You will take up lesser time for simpler questions which in turn will allow you to spend more required time on the difficult questions.

Tip #6. Build up your Vocabulary to Avoid Mind Blocks during Exam

This is the basic requirement for every section of CELPIP. Develop your vocabulary skills for understanding the reading passages with ease. You can even understand the meaning of the synonyms of words that you know. Read books, newspapers, mobile Apps and use the words on daily basis.   

Although vocabulary is an essential criteria for CELPIP, if at some point you get stuck at some unknown word, it is advised to move on. You don’t have to know the meaning of every word in the passage. You can get the context by understanding the passage as a whole. Don’t get stuck at that one word. You might lose on some precious time if you do so.

Tip #7. Try to Anticipate the Right Answer

If you come across a question that you don’t know answer of then don’t sweat it and choose the answer anyway. Fortunately there is no negative marking for CELPIP Reading test which means you won’t loose marks for giving a wrong answer.

Choose the option you think is closest to the correct answer. Cross out options that you think are not at all relevant , this will help you short list the options and pick the suitable response. In short, answer all of the questions in CELPIP reading test.

Tip #8. Keep Track of the Time!

Distribute exam time as per the questions. Here your CELPIP preparations will come in handy more than ever! Learn to practice reading under timed conditions.

Often candidates make a mistake of spending too much time on one part of a section and end up with insufficient time for the rest of the questions.

Make sure to have sufficient time to complete the questions in each section.

Tip #9. Always Check your Responses before Submitting

In some parts of the CELPIP reading test, you can-not go back and edit your answers. That is if you leave your question without any changes for the moment or without any answer at all and later realize that’s not what you were going for, and decide to make changes, you won’t be able to do so.Save yourself from the whole trouble and always make sure to check your answers before moving on to the next question.

Always check that you have clicked on your response and it is the final one.

Tip #10. Make Sure to Maintain the Relevancy in your Answers

Don’t get carried away with a topic of your interest. Having vast knowledge about a topic and transferring the same information on your answer sheet is not a smart exam move. It won’t help you earn extra credits but will deprive you from providing the relevant answer.

Instead try to keep the additional knowledge to the minimum and extract information from the passage only.

Tip #11. Get Professional Guidance

Preparing in advance with advanced methods is always a plus. Self preparation is sufficient but not failure proof. Moreover if you have difficulty in managing your time for your busy daily schedule, it is highly unlikely that you will do any justice with self study for the exam.

In this case, getting coaching for CELPIP is the better option. Look up for good CELPIP preparation courses. There are several CELPIP preparation courses available. Gratis School of Learning is one such coaching centre where you will have access to additional exam tips given by experienced trainers.

Take up free trial classes and join CELPIP coaching at Gratis School of Learning.

The aforementioned tips are helpful for you in many ways. It is always advantageous to have an upper hand over any exam for excelling with grace scores by knowing the core and structure of the exam. CELPIP exam is no exception. Do mind the tips that you’ve come across in this blog for preparation of the reading section.

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