CELPIP Listening

CELPIP Listening : Tips and Guidelines for Better Test Preparation

CELPIP Listening is one of the most important modules of CELPIP exam. The Listening test consist of 6 parts with recordings for questions involving comparisons, conversations, news or opinions. 

The listening test solely assesses your memory and comprehension skills which require proper preparation for getting through the exam with flying colours.  

 Here we are mentioning certain exam tips for CELPIP exam preparation and do’s & don’ts during the exam:

CELPIP Listening

Read All the Instructions Carefully Before the Exam

Make sure that you go through all the instructions pre-examination. Have a thorough information about the what’s where’s how’s of the test. This will enable you to know when the recording will be playing and what you are supposed to do when the recording ends.

Avoid Any Distraction and Listen Carefully

The audio clip will be played only once during CELPIP Listening test. Which means you will not be able to replay it if you somehow miss it or haven’t paid much attention. There are going to be little distractions in the exam room in form of other applicants typing and making noises. Try to ignore all that and pay close attention to the recordings. Listen very carefully and give relevant responses.

Take Notes to Remember Key Points

  • Even if you have the sharpest memory, it is sometimes impossible to remember everything you hear. Only listening won’t serve you much benefit during the exam unless you note them down.
  • Make immediatenotes of important key points that you heard in the recordings. This will help you remember useful information and also prompt new ideas for answering. 
  • Make use of abbreviations to take notes more quickly. Remember to stay calm and try to understand the recording through your notes.
  • Practice your writing skills along with listening. Listen to news, conversation or any audio material for practice and make notes of what you heard.Speed and accuracy are the key factors here. Don’t get distracted nor too much engrossed while making notes. Remember there are other parts as well to attend to.

Maintain Your Focus on the Relevant Parts

If your vocabulary or comprehension skills are slightly off, you will find some parts in the recording difficult to understand.

This is not much of a big issue. You do-not need to necessarily understand the meaning of each and every word in the recording. You only need to know the gist of the question.

Stay focused and make notes. Don’t get adhered to only one unknown word, it will only slow down your performance. Simply move on and keep taking down notes.

Manage your Time Well!

  • In some parts of CELPIP Listening Test, there is a set amount of time to answer several question Completion of the set time is not indicated but applicants get moved forward to the next question as soon as the time limit is reached. Hence, proper time management is a must, especially in these sections.
  • Carefully plan your time as per the requirement. That is, spend lesser time on easy questions and save the remaining time for harder and unsure questions.
  • Move on if you don’t know the answer to a question. You can always come back to it later if you have managed to save enough time.
  • You also need to give proper attention to reviewing your responses before submitting.

Spending time smartly will allow you to easily accomplish all that.

Guess the Correct Answer in the No-Penalty Zone!

CELPIP Listening test is a no-penalty zone. Which means, it has no negative marking system. You should attempt all the questions without fearing any negative penalty for incorrect answers.

  • The test requires all questions to be answered so, if you leave a question, it will be marked as incorrect.
  • If you do-not know the correct answer try to cross-out the most irrelevant options that you think are definitely wrong.
  • Make wise choices while making guesses. You might end up getting the correct answer simply by measuring the options altogether.

It is better to take your chances and attempt the questions anyway than to leave a blank space on your answer sheet.

Get Time Trained!

Time management is a prerequisite for CELPIP preparation but it also plays pivotal role during the exam. We have already talked about spending appropriate time on each sections and distributing time as per the level of difficulty of the question. During the exam, you can accomplish this by keeping a close watch at the timer provided at the corner of the computer screen.

The timer is there as an indicator, do-not get flustered by it. Many candidates find the presence of the timer nerve wrecking and end up giving way too much attention to the timer alone. Don’t keep checking the timer, it simply adds on pressure and sway you away from your focus!

Train yourself with the timer! When you have good time management skills, you develop a sort of auto-timer in your performance. With regular training, that timer will no longer bother you and mess up with your concentration.

Give Careful Review to your Answers

Even with all the focus in the world, sometimes mistakes are inevitable. And in some parts of the CELPIP Listening test, leaving mistakes unattended might turn as a big disadvantage.

Always check your responses before moving on to the next question!

In some sections of the CELPIP test, you can-not go back and make corrections. Even if you have decided to come back later and make changes to your answer or reattempt a question, doing so is not possible. There is no option given for that. So, it is wise to recheck your answers before submitting and after attempting, provided that the time allows it.

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