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Top Tips for Acing CELPIP Speaking Test

The speaking section of CELPIP is the section which has the most pragmatic application for foreign residency. Hence, it is one of the most crucial and scoring sections of CELPIP exam.

Let’s take a look at the following preparation tips for CELPIP:

tips and guidelines

Familiarize Yourself with the Computer (duh!)

It goes without saying that for CELPIP, which is a computer based test, your computer skills should be above comfortable levels. The test requires accuracy and speed, so you need to amp up your computer skills besides English Language Proficiency.

Practice your typing speed at home or take up a class for advanced learning tips. 

Moreover, practice speaking over a microphone with no distraction. This will benefit you hugely during CELPIP speaking test.

Practice Speaking English EVERYDAY!

If you’re not a fluent English speaker or your English requires a bit of brushing up, the most valid tip should be to speak English everyday. There is no other alternative than having a regular practice of speaking for improving your spoken English skills.

You can practice speaking English with your friends, companions, colleagues, whomever you interact with on daily basis. It will greatly help you to establish spontaneous communication. The more you get to speak in English, the better your command of English language.

Make Sure to Follow the Instructions

On the exam day, you’ll be given some preparation time and some instructions before the commencement of the exam.

Use this given time to read and understand the exam instructions. Carefully read the requirements of each question.

Gather your thoughts and arrange them properly so that you can give clear and well organized answers.

Make sure to follow the instructions while speaking.

Provide Relevant Answers

CELPIP speaking test basically assesses your English speaking skills. The more you speak the better analysis results you can garner in your favour. This doesn’t mean you can go off topic and completely confuse yourself. Provide topic relevant content in your answers.

Elaborate and describe your answers in an ordered fashion. Once again, maintain the relevancy in your content.

Give details from your personal experience if it is suitable to the given topic. This will make it easier and natural for you to structure your answer rather than struggling to find words to fill up an imaginary story.

Speak as much as you can within the time limit.

If you make a mistake while speaking, don’t stress too much over it. Correct yourself properly and move on. Clinging to one’s mistake is not a good exam move. Speak with confidence and you probably won’t be penalized for your mistake.

Speak with your Natural Tone and Accent

Make sure all the speaking equipments are working fine prior the exam. You will be given time for doing that.

Set the best suitable volume of the recording device and calm your voice.

Check the pace of your speech over the recording. Calm yourself and begin the test when ready.

Speak clearly and with no pauses. Give appropriate balance to your tone while speaking to accentuate your point.

One thing to pay attention here is your accent. Don’t try to change your accent mid exam. You don’t have to worry about your accent as CELPIP test does not test accents. Pay attention to your grammar and vocabulary.

Speak clearly into the microphone with your natural accent. If your accent is not clear to understand, practice improving it. Make it understandable not painfully cringey.

Use your own Vocabulary and Avoid Repetition

The purpose of the exam is to test your English proficiency. For that use as many as of your own vocabulary while speaking.

You can use the words from the question itself but don’t build your entire response with the same words. This won’t fetch you better marks. You need to showcase that you’re well equipped with good vocabulary that will benefit you during your foreign stay.

If you cannot bring in new words, use synonyms and paraphrases of the existing words. This will be a good demonstration of your speaking abilities.

Sound Natural NOT Mechanical

Language proficiency tests such as CELPIP highly appreciate spontaneous responses that doesn’t seem rehearsed. Going to the exam with prepared answers is not a bad strategy but relying too much on your script might end up harming your scores rather than benefiting you.

In worst case scenario, you might end up mixing up your answers or totally lose your grasp over the question while trying to remember words. Do-not let it happen! Avoid parroting at all cost. Instead work on your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills. Taking the natural and usual course of learning is far more advantageous than otherwise.

Learn proper usage of adverbs, adjectives, prepositions and phrases in your answers.

Build a vast vocabulary but don’t use it unnecessarily. It won’t impress the examiners but might vex them instead. The last thing you want to do in your exam is to annoy your examiners.

Instead, speak confidently and naturally. Nobody is going to keep a count on your words. Avoid repetition but also avoid over use of fancy words.

Manage your Exam Time Properly

On the whole, your CELPIP exam time can be divided into three:

  • Pre exam time management
  • Preparation time management
  • Performance time management

The Pre-exam time management is the heart and sole of your CELPIP exam preparation. Learn the exam format, its modules and plan your time as per the exam requirements. Best option is to join coaching for thorough preparation or you can also self-prepare with proper time management.  

Manage your Preparation time well. You will be given some time before the exam to prepare yourself (usually 10 seconds). Use this time to collect your thoughts and ideas and make sure the exam recorder is set as per your preference.

The Performance time or the speaking time is where you should put extra emphasis on. Attempt the questions with confidence and by minding pretty much every tip listed above.

In conclusion, understand the question, organize your answer and make sure to finish your last sentence within the time limit. Don’t lose your calm when the timer approaches the finishing mark. Keep a clear and appropriate tone while wrapping up your answer. Go ahead with rest of the test.

The key to achieve great scores in CELPIP Speaking is practice and proper preparation. Join Gratis School of Learning for accurate and thorough CELPIP preparation.

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