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SEO Training in Panchkula

Considering the analytical results and search preferences, “SEO training in Panchkula” is one of the keywords that has been searched by students in different parts of the city. Over hundreds of brands and institutes offering Digital Marketing training, Gratis school of learning provides the best in class SEO training in Panchkula.


G-SOL is one of the best training institutes in Panchkula for providing quality education and training in different components of digital marketing. The company envisions incorporating best internet marketing practices to raise brand awareness, lead generation, and customer retention. A few months after being established in the industry, G-SOL has established itself as one of the leading DM companies providing SEO training institutes in Panchkula. The institution is famed for catering to the updated organic and non-organic practices in the market these days. To impart knowledge of the latest tools and techniques for maintaining the online presence, the institution has a highly skilled and experienced workforce in digital marketing. The staff members possess a higher value of skill set along with the best teaching practices.

Salient features

  • Flexible batch timings
  • Technical Symposium
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Doubt clearing sessions
  • Experienced faculty
  • Emphasize technical empowerment
  • Career guidance
  • Access paid tool

Why choose us?

Apart from the operational efficiency of the G-SOL, the institute’s location is one of the aspects to be taken into consideration. The majority of the students living in Panchkula have to commute to the Tricity for academic training; the company provides hands-on six months of industrial training in Panchkula at reasonable and affordable prices. Furthermore, G-SOL is dedicated to promoting technical education at par; the students possessing extraordinary skills in 6 months internship can avail discounts for their courses. In addition to the above, the institution provides summer and winter internships for students in Panchkula and beyond. Henceforth, the Gratis School of learning is highly dedicated to providing the best industrial exposure to students and helping them develop their skills to survive and thrive in a competitive world.

Moreover, the institution has worked significantly hard to eradicate the IT sector’s financial and technical barriers. The syllabus for the courses catered varies based on the time duration the student applies for. Apart from the six months of industrial training G-SOL, Panchkula also provides:

  • 6 weeks industrial training
  • 3 months industrial training
  • 6 months industrial training

Six weeks industrial training

The company is widely recognized for providing the best 6 weeks of industrial training in Panchkula. The smartly designed curriculum and the doubt clearing sessions are among the most crucial aspects that account for the high soaring reputation of the institution. The trainers have planned and incorporated the regular tests accordingly to keep up with the short training timeline. The curriculum has been designed to gain essential advanced knowledge of digital marketing concepts. Considering the tight time constraints for training, the training has been divided into five modules.

Course overview

Module 1: Digital Marketing Overview

Module 2: Advanced SE0 (Search Engine Optimization)

Module 3: (SMO) Social Media Optimization

Module 4: Google advertisement (Pay per click)

Module 5: (SMM) Social Media Marketing

During the first module, students are introduced to basic concepts of digital marketing; the motive of this module is to develop the foundational knowledge of the subject. As the students build the foundation, the course escalates to hands-on experience in SEO operations. After learning the optimization of the aspects that guarantee the website’s ranking, the students learn about the SMO. In this module, the concepts from introductory to reporting are explained to trigger the students’ analytical thinking. One of the main concepts of this module is YouTube optimization. Facebook optimization, Instagram optimization as well as LinkedIn optimization. It is worth noting that the other social sites are also included in the curriculum. However, one of the most popular marketing practices, such as PPC and SMM, is considered in the subsequent modules.


Students will gain extensive insights into the results of their campaigns and evaluate their shortcomings at the end of this course. This course is focused more on triggering the critical thinking of the students. The students are assisted by the faculty members who nourish their overall technical skills and help them come up with ideas that can address the weak points.

3 months industrial training

This course is designed to assist the students with advanced digital marketing concepts and personality development. The course comprises the following modules that enhance the skills:

Course overview

Module 1: Digital Marketing Overview

Module 2: Advanced SE0 (Search Engine Optimization)

Module 3: (SMO) Social Media Optimization

Module 4: Google advertisement (Pay per click)

Module 5: (SMM) Social Media Marketing

Module 6: Leads and Traffic Generation

Module 7: Email Marketing

Module 8: Visual Marketing

Module 9: Blogging

Module 10: Content Marketing

Module 11: Google Search Console

Module 12: Google Analytic Tool

Module 13: Social Media Strategy

Module 14: Interview Preparation

Module 15: Bonus module


Apart from technical soundness, the students will be able to understand the concepts of content marketing and the practical exposure to several different tools such as GSC, GAT, Etc. The student would gain a competitive edge due to the flexibility and expertise of working in each component of Digital Marketing. Along with the regular sessions for clearing doubts and assessment, the trainers also focus on the student’s overall growth through regular tests and sessions.

6 months industrial training

This course is helpful for students who seek a long-term career in Digital Marketing. The course centers its focus on refining the student’s skill set for the longer terms. The course is divided into 20+ modules; this training covers the concepts from the theoretical overview of the subjects to practical tools such as Google analytics. The industrial training includes regular doubt clearing sessions, technical symposiums, mock tests, interview preparation, and personality development.

Course overview

Module 1: Digital Marketing Overview

Module 2: Advanced SE0 (Search Engine Optimization)

Module 3: (SMO) Social Media Optimization

Module 4: Google advertisement (Pay per click)

Module 5: (SMM) Social Media Marketing

Module 6: Inbound Marketing

Module 7: Leads & Traffic Generation

Module 9: E-mail Marketing

Module 10: Video Marketing

Module 11: Mobile Marketing

Module 12: Online Advertising

Module 13: Google Ad Sense

Module 14: Blogging

Module 15: WordPress Website

Module 16: Content Marketing

Module 17: E-Commerce Marketing

Module 18: Google Search Console

Module 19: Google Analytics

Module 20: Different Types of Google Certifications

Module 21: Social Media Strategy

Module 22: Interview Preparation

Bonus Module 23: Free Digital Marketing Tools & Website

During the six months, the students can achieve several certifications from reputed brands such as Google. These certifications hold a higher value in the corporate market and digital marketing sector. In addition to this, the students are assisted with a vibrant atmosphere for the overall personality development, which covers the aspects such as critical thinking, strategy planning, running campaigns, analyzing results, and many more.


As the training focuses on professional and personal development, the student will make a long-term career in digital marketing. As the course will enhance the learner’s cognitive abilities, the students will look for the most feasible solutions in the most challenging situations. In addition to this, this course will boost the students’ confidence in the corporate sector and help them stand out in their jobs and businesses.

The overall statistics and the success stories of Gratis School Of Learning students support the conclusion that G-SOL is one of the best digital marketing and SEO training institutes in Panchkula. To gain practical exposure and deep insights into digital marketing, contact G-SOL, Panchkula.

Happy Learning.

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