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Digital Marketing Training in Panchkula

    Digital Marketing Training

    Gratis School of Learning now introduces the new Digital Marketing Training course!

    Welcome to the Digital Era! We are now entering the next level of digital marketing and technology in 3…2…1… The products and services, right from groceries to medical assistance, are available in a few clicks. The changing times points towards more such advancements, and it is foreseen that in the forthcoming years, the Digital Marketing industry will boom at a double pace, leading to numerous openings and opportunities in the job and business market. Experts extrapolate that Digital Marketing would be one of the top skills to be acquired.

    Even though Digital Marketing seems simple but from a technical point of view, it can be as complex up to a certain extent. Hence a good knowledge and expertise on the subject are mandatory. For both business owners and students, this skill can be handy.

    Benefits of Digital Marketing

    There are several advantages of Digital Marketing; one of the most significant advantages of DM is that it is cheap and can gain a wider audience; this is exceptionally feasible from the business and popularity perspective. It can be observed that Digital Marketing has already cost-effectively out-shined the traditional marketing practices.

    1. Take up Jobs:Individuals with a sound knowledge of digital marketing can join the highest paying digital marketing jobs and make a living. As per the statistics, the companies in Digital Marketing have more than half spots vacant. Hence, a good candidate with working knowledge of DM can quickly secure a job in the market. Furthermore, the hands-on experience on the digital marketing tools let them outstand and outshine the other candidates in the row.
    2. Global Reach: If the candidate wishes to start a business, he can manage it in an organized manner. Utilize websites, blogs, and other social media handles; one can reach a wider audience, gain leads, and convert them for enhanced revenue. One can even specify the target audience for reaping better results. Moreover, companies can use digital marketing for branding purposes. It is no surprise that digital marketing is highly cost-effective compared to traditional marketing tactics.
    3. High Rate on Investment: It is evident that digital campaigns have a better ROI than traditional marketing practices. As social media and search engines target specific locations, better market penetration is observed.
    4. Track-ableand measurable outcomes: From an analytical view, the aspects such as leads and conversions can be easily tracked more efficiently, and subsequently, the new strategies can be planned accordingly. The factors such as engagement, Click Through Rate, and impressions can be tracked better. This indirectly adds more value to the company’s revenue.
    5. Low costs: Relative to traditional marketing, digital marketing campaigns are much inexpensive and effective and can be used for setting branding campaigns for goods and services. All you need is a set of digital marketers!

    Salient Features:

    • Hand-on training with weekly assignments
    • 120+ hours of high-quality training
    • 10+ live projects
    • 25+ digital marketing tools and platforms
    • Classroom-based classes
    • Resume and interview training
    • Earn Certification on successful completion
    • Access to industry-recommended live projects
    • Backup classes available
    • Career-oriented Industry-standard training
    • Customized curriculum
    • Learn from top digital marketing experts
    • Experienced and professional digital marketing trainers
    • Live project training
    • Limited batches for individual attention

    Course Duration

    Industrial experts primarily design the courses offered by the Gratis School of Learning. The courses are created in such a manner that it covers almost all the crucial aspects of the digital marketing syllabus without compromising the quality of learning. At Gratis School of Learning, the following course duration are there.

    • 3 Months
    • 6 Months
    • 45 Days

    3 Months

    This is a new course offered by Gratis School of learning for helping business owners as well as students seeking a stable career in the digital marketing industry. The curriculum covers all the concepts of Digital Marketing in a period of 90 days. The course is especially taught with hands on experience on best tools. One of the best part of this course is related to the personality development classes that refines the candidate’s personality both as business owner and a corporate employee.

    6 Months

    This course is helpful for students who seek a long-term career in Digital Marketing. The course centers its focus on refining the student’s skill set for the longer terms. The course is divided into 20+ modules; this training covers the concepts from the theoretical overview of the subjects to practical tools such as Google analytics. The industrial training includes regular doubt clearing sessions, technical symposiums, mock tests, interview preparation, and personality development.

    45 Days

    The company is widely recognized for providing the best 6 weeks of industrial training in Panchkula. The smartly designed curriculum and the doubt clearing sessions are among the most crucial aspects that account for the high soaring reputation of the institution. The trainers have planned and incorporated the regular tests accordingly to keep up with the short training timeline. The curriculum has been designed to gain essential advanced knowledge of digital marketing concepts. Considering the tight time constraints for training, the training has been divided into five modules.


    Apart from the business, the candidates can make it to digital marketing in different job roles.

    • Digital Marketing Manager
    • Brand Manager
    • Social Media Manager
    • Online Content Developer
    • Business Analytics Specialist
    • Search Engine Optimization Specialist
    • Web Designer
    • Professional Blogger
    • Mobile Marketing Specialist
    • Email Marketer
    • Search Expert

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