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PTE Academic Listening section

The PTE Listening section starts with an audio clip which is played only once.

There is no option for students to replay the audio, hence it is advised to listen carefully.

The volume of the clip can be adjusted via the volume button next to the audio bar. Moving it left and right decreases and increases the audio volume respectively.

You will be provided with a headphone and attached microphone for listening to the test recording and recording your own answer.



Time duration


Summarize spoken text

Based on the test audio clip, you will be required to write a summary of the content within 70 words.

Use words and terms that you heard in the audio clip to build a logical connection between the audio and your summary.

60 to 90 seconds

Listening and Writing skills

Multiple choice, choose single answer

In this section of PTE Academic Listening module, you will be required to choose one answer from the given answer choices.

Your answer should be based upon the content of the test audio clip you heard.

30 to 60 seconds

Listening skills

Multiple choice, choose multiple answers

In this section, there can be more than one right answer to the same question.

You will be required to give the relevant answers from the given answer choices.

Marks will be given if you accurately follow the instructions. There won’t be any marks awarded to single answer. 

40 to 90 seconds

Listening skills

Fill in the blanks

In this section, you will be given a content which will have certain gaps.

You will be required to fill the gap with contents referenced in the provided audio clip.

Use words and terminologies that you heard in the content of the audio clip for scoring high in PTE Listening section.

30 to 60 seconds

Listening and Writing skills

Highlight correct summary

In this task, you will be provided with optional summaries corresponding to the audio clip that you heard and out of those you have to select the one summary that connects closely to the audio.

Highlight the one summary which is most relevant and has closest link to the audio clip content.

30 to 90 seconds

Listening and Reading skills

Select missing word

An audio clip will be played which will have missing words in between. You will be required to choose the right option out of the given list of words.

Pick one option which is most relevant and conclude the audio clip you heard.

20 to 70 seconds

Listening skills

Highlight incorrect words

The provided transcript in the audio will have some words that are incorrect and unsuitable. 

You will be required to highlight all the incorrect terminologies that you heard in the audio.

15 to 50 seconds

Listening skills

Write from dictation

In this section, listening and writing occurs simultaneously.

After listening to each sentence of the audio transcript you will be required to write them down.

Carefully listen to the audio clip as there is 5 marks each for listening and writing task in the PTE Academic Listening dictation test.

3 to 5 seconds

Listening and Writing skills

Tips for PTE Listening section

Pay attention to accuracy as well as speed

Maintain your speed in every section as timing is everything for PTE test. Yet don’t deny the importance of accuracy of your answers in accordance with test instructions. Pay attention at yellow highlights for optional answers. When you get the highlight during optional answers then only record your answer.

Use the correct writing format

while writing summaries, always use third person format. Start with, ‘the speaker comments…”. this gives proper framework to your summaries.

Be careful with spelling and punctuation

Answers written with spelling and Grammar errors are not well received by the examiner. Incorrect punctuation can change the whole sense of your answer and fetch you poor to no scores. Always recheck your answers before moving on.

Skip hard questions

There is negative marking in PTE Listening multiple choice and highlight incorrect words sections. Save your scores by skipping questions you are uncertain of. You can be greedy in rest of the PTE academic Listening sections but certainly not here.

Maintain speed while taking notes

ou are allowed to take notes while hearing an audio during PTE Listening test. Do this while managing your time appropriately. Make sure to erase them before leaving exam hall.

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