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    Be it your school, college or your workplace, everyone wish to speak English fluently but fail at times. Ever wondered why? May be they lack behind to find the good mentor or ultimate guides from where they can build confidence in one.

    Whether it’s a social gathering, conference or professional fields, conveying thoughts in English draws a greater impact on the listeners and creates a vast impression overall. With seemingly endless interactive English speaking skills, we have a team of professionals and expertise that will help you communicate in a competitive era.

    Even if you dream of to begin a career in Overseas, all that you require is to polish your speaking skills in the official language in a particular field. Regardless of knowing the fact that English is not our first language, still India stands out second in the top list of English Speakers!

    With lots of practice and learning, the country has been consistently shining in the English interaction realm. What you need to do is devote your time and put efforts to excel in this specific prime language.

    Why Choose Gratis Learning?

    Students from different era come here to grab exclusive knowledge and adapt stupendous English skills. The most common language requires proper guidance and expert teaching and here at Gratis we never fail to do so. Along with the numerous benefits, we cater Demo Classes with complete layout of the course and our foremost motive lies in making students go through our study plan offering them to choose the right path to success.

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    Build Your Confidence with Us!

    With over 20 years, our certified trainers have been helping students to grow in English Speaking skills with a well backed experience. Aspirants who wants to clear their doubts can also take demo classes with complete overview of the course so that one can go through the overall program and functionalities. We let you overcome your speaking fear in public gathering by facilitating regular discussions and classrooms debates to build your confidence in particulars. For an additional practices, the renowned platform also provides digital resources. You can grasp lessons and contexts for the basic command in Grammar,Reading, Listening and Writing. Once you knock up the doors of Gratis Institute, we make sure you will enjoy friendly environment and a comfy learning surrounding all over. If you find any query related to questions or lessons, you are free to put up your issue on weekly doubt sessions. For thorough revisions, you can also come up for extra classes in no time. Everyone needs personal attention for excelling in English Speaking field and here at Gratis we never fail to do so.

    We cover our curriculum in three basic modules based upon the proficiency of student’s English knowledge:

    Level 1: Elementary:

    It is designed to teach basic English speaking skills to those students who are a sort of starter learners so as to build a strong foundation. Topics we cover:

    • Grammar
    • Vocabulary level 1
    • Sentence Construction
    • Common English phrases
    • Daily conversation skills

    Level 2: Intermediate:

    Structured for students who already has a basic command in English and wishes to hone their skills. Topics we cover:

    • Grammar Essentials
    • Vocabulary level 2
    • Basics of communication
    • Presentation skills
    • Phonetics
    • Interview skills
    • Formal writing and usage
    • Group discussion

    Level 3: Advanced Learner:

    This course is aimed at those students who have attained the skills of daily English usage. We work on building-up confidence and over-all personality development of the student.

    Topics we cover:

    • Vocabulary level 3
    • Interview and Presentation skills
    • Formal writing, CV formatting
    • Business English
    • Personality Development
    • Work-place Etiquette
    • Public Speaking
    • Professional Presentation
    • Non-Verbal Communication


    No need to hunt more for Spoken English Classes in the city! Get expert advice and exclusive training with Gratis Learning under professionals trainers in a smart and creative learning environment. To help you overcome your fear and boost your confidence in specific field, we facilitate tools and techniques to transform your speaking skills without wasting any time.

    So, what are you waiting for?

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