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Spoken English Coaching Institute in Mohali

Why you should join our Spoken English Coaching in Mohali?
  • Do you find it difficult to express yourself in English?  
  • Have you applied for your desirable jobs but didn’t make it through the interview majorly due to lack of communication skills?
  • Is your English knowledge basic but not fluent enough?
  • You don’t have access to join coaching in major cities?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then our Spoken English Course in Mohali is the right choice for you!

Gratis Learning has efficiently coached our past batches in Spoken English skills with 100% satisfaction feedback. Our highly experienced trainers are well versed in English language skills and training method which have comprehensive yet simplistic approach. 

Our Course goals

  • Improve your basic communication skills through inputs on Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, grammar
  • Turning you into a fluent English speaker
  • Expanding your vocabulary range
  • Improve your pronunciation skills
  • Raising your comfort level with interview questions
  • Confidence build-up for impressive interview performance
  • Making you spontaneous and natural in English conversations
  • Handle stressful interview scenarios with ease
  • Express yourself accurately in a group discussion

Our distinctive features

  • Get trained with our certified trainers with a well-backed experience of more than 5 years for building strategic ground work for your strong foundation
  • Demo classes with complete summary of the course so as to make you well understood of the program
  • Customized spoken English curriculum with emphasis on fluency and effective communication for formal and informal conversation, exam preparation and business interviews
  • Instant feedback from expert faculty which helps improving English speaking skills
  • Regular group discussions and classroom debates to let you overcome any hesitation of public speaking
  • One-on-one discussion sessions for students requiring individual attention
  • Gratis Learning utilizes digital resources via automated classes for additional practice and ease of learning
  • Simple to understand lessons to help our students proficiently acquire basic command in Grammar, Reading, Listening and Writing
  • We create a friendly environment for you to learn at your own pace and comfort level
  • Weekly doubt sessions and extra classes for thorough revision
  • Morning and evening classes in short batches for undiverted personal attention

Modules covered in the course

  • Proficient communication skills

Fundamental introduction to English language with basic knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, etc.

  • Effective resume format

We will teach you impressive resume writing skills which will surely attract attention of your recruiters.

  • Proper interpersonal skills

You will learn basic etiquette and conversation making tips.

  • Interview and job skills

we will teach you how to go through your interview stages and also how to function in office for efficient work progress.

  • Actively participate in group discussions

We will make you a natural English speaker who can express views effectively.

  • Confidence and personality development

Our course will boost up your confidence and help you become an upgraded version of yourself.


We cover our curriculum in three basic modules based upon the proficiency of student’s English knowledge.

Elementary Level

Topics we cover

It is designed to teach basic English speaking skills to those students who are a sort of starter learners so as to build a strong foundation.

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary level 1
  • Sentence Construction
  • Common English phrases
  • Daily conversation skills

Intermediate Level

Topics we cover

Structured for students who already have a basic command in English and wishes to hone their skills.

  • Grammar Essentials
  • Vocabulary level 2
  • Basics of communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Phonetics
  • Interview skills
  • Formal writing and usage
  • Group discussion

Advanced Learner Level

Topics we cover

This course is aimed at those students who have attained the skills of daily English usage. We work on building-up confidence and over-all personality development of the student.

  • Vocabulary level 3
  • Interview and Presentation skills
  • Formal writing, CV formatting
  • Business English
  • Personality Development
  • Work-place Etiquette
  • Public Speaking
  • Professional Presentation
  • Non-Verbal Communication
Get trained with Gratis Learning under our professional trainers in our smartly created learning environment. Gratis Learning provides you tools and techniques to overcome your fear of public speaking and turn you into a fluent English speaker in no time.

Come join our demo classes to see for yourself how we function and deliver what we claim!

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