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Pearson Test Of English Coaching Institute in Chandigarh

Gratis Learning as the Best PTE Coaching Institute in Chandigarh is offering you a complete package of success, that will help you to achieve your desired scores in your upcoming PTE exam.

We train our students for the PTE exam in an integrated way that reflects real-life settings, as well as academic skills. Our result-oriented and comprehensive PTE training includes a well structured system which focus on strategies to ace the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Sections of PTE exam.

Gratis Learning has the right ingredients for achieving your highest possible PTE Score.

Due to the growing popularity of PTE significance for earning foreign degree, you can go into full-on prep mode and reap benefits from our coaching programs at our designated branches in Chandigarh, Zirakpur and Panchkula.

Benefits of our program

  • Know your PTE scores
  • Become proficient in English language
  • Improve your English skills
  • Learn effective time management skills for the exam
  • Communicate with confidence

Pearson Test of English

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English which is basically a highly academic multi-level exam like other major English language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc. It is designed by the Pearson PLC group to assess and validate the English usage of non-native English speakers.

It is a scenario based exam which tests reading, writing, listening, speaking and includes PTE academic and PTE general, formerly known as London tests of English.

Typically, PTE results are available within five business days. The test uses real-life subject elements and tasks, such as writing messages, understanding talks and newspaper articles, or participating in a conversation.

Pearson Test of English is taken via two main modules:

  1. The Pearson Test of English Academic
  2. The Pearson Test of English General

A) The Pearson Test of English Academic

PTE Academic is a computer-based academic English language test which is designed to assess non-native English speakers wanting to study abroad. It tests reading, writing, listening, speaking. These tests are often clubbed together such as listening-reading or reading-speaking. The whole test is of 3 hours done in a single session, and is taken sitting at a computer in a secure test environment. The test is then recorded and sent for marking. The results are automated so they usually take 5 days to arrive. PTE Academic analyses whether a student is able to communicate in an academic environment.

Test Module

The Pearson Test of English Academics is taken via three patterns:

Speaking and Writing

  • 77-93 minutes.
  • Introduction is to be given.
  • Reading out loud then repeating the sentence.
  • Image description and lecture re-telling.
  • Short question answering and summary.
  • essay writing, which is of 20 minutes.


  • 32-41 minutes.
  • MCQs.
  • Fill in the blanks.
  • Paragraph reassembling.


  • 45-57 minutes.
  • MCQs, fill in the blanks.
  • A spoken text is to be summarized.
  • Dictation
  • Find out missing words
  • Find out the incorrect words.

B) The Pearson Test of English General

The PTE General, formerly known as The London Test of English was developed by Pearson Language Tests and administered by Ed-excel.

These are designed to reward positive achievement in English language learning.

PTE General assesses the communicating skills of a learner in a realistic surrounding rather than their academic excellency in the language.

It is an International language exam designed for non-native English speakers and tests their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Test Module

The tests consist of two parts: a written paper and an interview.

Reading, writing, listening and speaking are tested at all levels.

Levels 4 and 5 of the PTE General are accepted for entrance to universities in the UK and by a variety of international companies.

The PTE General test can be taken in May, June, August, November, December.

There are six levels of the General test with each level denoting English proficiency of the candidate.

PTE General level




Total Time



75 mins

5 mins

1 hour 15 mins



95 mins

5 mins

1 hour 30 mins



95 mins

7 mins

1 hour 35 mins


Upper Intermediate

120 mins

7 mins

2 hours


Advanced (Operational Proficiency)

150 mins

8 mins

2 hours 30 mins


Proficient (Mastery)

175 mins

8 mins

2 hours 55 mins

Course structure

A) Speaking and writing

In PTE exam the speaking and writing tests are taken as one unit to assess your speaking and writing skills.

We work on your speaking skills via our spoken English exercises that are designed to enhance your fluency, accuracy and ability to speak in an English speaking environment.

The writing section will be covered through our extensively prepared worksheets which will give you proper guidelines and necessary tips for correct grammar and spelling usage.  

B) Reading

PTE Academic is an integrated skill test, i.e. the reading test also assesses your writing skills. 

We follow the exam pattern and tutor you in each of its test items, multiple choice questions, re-order of paragraphs, fill in the blanks, etc with functional grammar and vocabulary skills.

C) Listening

Your listening skills will be worked upon through the aid of our audio and video practice program which partakes real exam scenarios with tips to improve your listening ability.

D) Practice mock tests

We set the latest updated versions of PTE exam in our practice tests which will help you to stay focused and well informed with the latest PTE exam trends. Tests are taken every week which will improve your test skills and capability to understand exam instructions. Tests are followed by interactive feedbacks from your friendly trainers who help you understand your weak areas and ways to improve.

E) Flexible and efficient program

We provide the most effective and quality training with specialized on-going support to our students. Our course program is customized with flexible timings, suitable for all individuals with busy work schedules.


The IELTS Exam consists of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking sections.

IELTS Syllabus is set by its administrators namely British Council, IDP and Cambridge ESOL Examinations for both the IELTS formats – IELTS Academic format and IELTS General Training.

According to the IELTS Syllabus 2019, the Listening and Speaking sections would be the same for all the test-takers, however, there might be some differences in the reading and writing modules for Academic and General Training test modules.

Why us?

  • We provide a professional educational environment enriched with maximum learning experience
  • Flexible class timingswith extremely adaptable course routines
  • Highly qualified trainers who adopt the best method of study approach
  • Free demo classes availability to help you make up your mind
  • Efficient and highly interactive classes with personalized attention
  • Thoroughly prepared study materials which are easy to grasp
  • Course curriculum as per the latest updated PTE exam pattern
  • Weekly mock test and doubt clearing sessions
  • Regular feed back and performance assessment
  • Regular and weekend batches starting every week

The Gratis Learning Coaching institute is the premier English language coaching institute in Chandigarh. We have a confident resume of our highly experienced trainers on our name. Through a well approached study agenda we thrive to guide our students closer towards their goals.

Let’s join hands and let us bring you closer to a successful future that you most highly deserve!

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