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PTE Academic Writing Section

PTE Academic Writing Section :- This section tests a candidate’s spoken English as well as the English writing skills in an academic environment.

The candidate is required to use correct grammar and spellings while writing their responses to the given questions.

In the PTE Academic Writing exam, students have to complete the following two kinds of questions:

  1. Summarize the written text
  2. Essay Writing

A) Summarize the written text

You will be required to write the summary of a given text in only one sentence between 30 to 50 words.

Begin the single sentence summary with a capital letter and end with period.

Create relevance by using keywords, terminologies and information from the given text in your summary.

Time distribution for PTE summarizing text questions


Time (in minutes)

Planning and mapping

 3 minutes

Writing and drafting

5 minutes

Spelling and grammar cross checking

2 minutes

Tips for PTE summarizing written text

  • Write the entire summary in third person format. Avoid using first person subjective pronouns such as, I, We Us, etc.
  • Give relevant answers only. You will be given marks only for those answers that expresses the idea of the given text. There is no marks for your individual opinion. 
  • Pay attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation of your content. Give a quick cross check. You will be penalised for any such mistakes.
  • Do not cross the word limit or the very nature of the section. You will be asked to write the summary in only one sentence. Stick to this rule.

B) Essay Writing in PTE exam

You have to write an argumentative or opinion essay in 200-300 words.

In the essay, you will be required to give various arguments, reasons, viewpoints on the given topic.

Time distribution for Essay Writing of PTE exam

QuestionsTime (in minutes)
Planning and mapping 3 minutes
Writing and drafting14 minutes
Spelling and grammar cross checking3 minutes

Tips for Essay Writing in PTE exam

  • Pay great attention to allotted time duration, word limit, subject, main topic and the point of view of the subject that you have been given in the PTE essay writing test.
  • Use the fundamental structure of essay in your PTE essay writing test. Introduce proper intro, body and conclusion. Following the basic format will definitely get you scores.
  • Give relevant content in your essay. Follow the main idea expressed in the essay question and stick to the format.
  • Thoroughly read the questions asked in the essay task and understand the main idea of your essay.
  • When an essay topic comes in the form of a question, write your essay suggesting solution to the problem, rather than elaborating the issue of discussion.

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