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PTE Academic Speaking Section

The PTE Academic Speaking module is a multi layered assessment of your speaking, listening and writing skills.

The PTE Academic exam starts with the Speaking segment which is of 77 to 93 minutes including the writing test.

In the PTE Academic Speaking test, there is no human examiner to conduct the test. The PTE Speaking test performance of candidates are recorded in the computer and then forwarded for evaluation.

Speaking Test Format



 Time duration


Personal introduction

You will be required to record an introduction  of yourself based on provided keywords.

For preparation, additional 25-seconds will be provided.

30 seconds

Speaking skills

Read aloud

You will be required to read out loud a given English article on the computer screen.

You will record your reading simultaneously and will be able to hear the recording only once.

Read with clarity and confidence.

40 seconds

Reading and Speaking skills

Image description

You will be required to describe an image that will be displayed on your computer screen. Record your image description simultaneously as you speak loud and clear.

40 seconds

Speaking skills

Sentence repetition

You will be asked to hear a pre-recorded sentence and repeat the same.

Record your repeated sentence.

3 to 9 seconds

Listening and Speaking skills

Re-tell a lecture

You will need to memorize what has been told in the lecture and describe it in your own words.

Up to 90 seconds

Listening and Speaking skills

Tips for PTE Speaking exam

The candidates need to use correct grammar and spellings while writing their responses to the given questions. 

Record with care

Try to avoid any technical issues with microphone or desktop while recording and make sure that the content recorded from your end is clear as that is what will get you scores.

Maintain logic and relevance

Mind to be coherent and precise in your answers. Though there is no penalty for irrelevance, but you will not get marks for that section. This will only bring down your overall test performance.

Grammar and spellings

While recording your speech pay utmost attention to the grammar portion. Grammar is the most essential part of your PTE score.

Smooth and clear expression

Maintain speed and flow in your English pronunciation. Practice your speaking with necessary style and attitude for impressive delivery. This will ensure good marks for you.

Avoid glitches

Along with relevance, you should also maintain continuity and avoid giving incomplete sentences. Remaining silent for too long halts the recording and won’t be marked.

Be attentive

Remember there is no indication of completion of question during repeat sentence part. Don’t waste time waiting for any such tone and start your recording right after the computer finishes reading out a sentence.

Be confident

It’s a prerequisite for every exam you will face. Build your confidence with daily practice and proper guidance.

Joining Gratis Learning’s PTE coaching classes will help you out to deliver confident speech and qualify PTE exam with grace marks.

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