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PTE Academic Reading Section

Pte Academic Reading test consists of a single timed section and questions based on your passage reading skills.

Read the instructions carefully for each question before answering it.

Total time allotted for this section is 32-41 minutes.



No. Of questions


Multiple choice single option questions

After reading the given content, you will be required to answer the questions based on the content.

Select only one correct answer which will be highlighted with yellow.

You can also un-select your preferred answer and choose another option before moving on to the next question.

2 to 3

Reading skills

Multiple choice multiple option question

In this type of task, you will be required to select multiple answers from the given options for the same question.

The questions will be based on a given content.

You will be asked to select all the relevant answers by highlighting it with yellow.

2 to 3

Reading skills

Re-order Paragraphs

You will be provided with a list of incidents in a jumbled queue.  

They will all be based on the given content.

The incidents will be provided in separate boxes that you will be required to arrange accurately as per the given content.

2 to 3

Reading skills

Fill in the blanks

In this section, you will be given a content which will have certain gaps.

You will be required to fill the gap with provided set of words which cannot be repeated.

4 to 5

Reading skills

Fill in the blanks with drop down menu

You will be required to fill gaps in the content with options that will be provided in a drop down menu.

5 to 6

Reading and Writing skills

Tips for PTE Reading section

Brush up your computer skills

Since PTE exam is a computerized test, you will be benefited if you have basic technical knowledge and decent practice with keypad. Remember, time management is an important key in PTE exam and acquiring good computer skills is a smart move.

Pay attention to highlight

Your answers will be acceptable only when highlighted with yellow. Your answers won’t be marked if you leave a question without yellow highlight.

Skip and skim

Do a fast read on each content and move on to the next questions. Look for similar keywords in the given reading content as mentioned in the question and accordingly plot your answers.

Do not leave out any question

There is no negative penalty for wrong answers in PTE Academic Reading test, (except MCQ section) so don’t be afraid to attempt all the questions you’re not confident of. Your guesswork could be the correct answer and might fetch you marks. Skipping a question entirely will deprive you of any marks at all.

Always re-check your answers

Taking time restriction under your concern, do a quick review of your answers. This ensures the accuracy of your chosen answer.

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