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IELTS Writing Test – Frequently Asked Questions

IELTS writing is one of the most important sections of IELTS exam as writing is the basic mode of exam attempt in all the sections. It makes writing skill a must have skill before planning to settle abroad.

As you know IELTS suffices the requisite criteria for foreign immigration. Hence it is beneficial to go through the most asked queries related to the test for clearing the writing section of IELTS.

Here are some of the most popular and essential questions that students often have about IELTS Writing Module.

Q1) What is the total time duration of IELTS Writing module?

A1) The total exam duration is of 60 minutes. 20 minutes for task 1 and 40 minutes for task 2.

Q2) How are General and Academic modules different?

A2) General test: here you will be required to write a letter in task 1

      Academic test: in task 1, you will have to write a report on a diagram.

     Task 2 is the same for both. i.e a discursive essay.

Q3) Which is more important- Writing Task 1 or Writing Task 2?

A3) For overall scoring, both are important. Only the weightage is different. Writing Task 1 imparts one third of your total IELTS Writing score and Writing Task 2 is worth two third of it.

Q4) What happens if I take longer than 20 minutes to complete Task 1?

A4) You will simply lag for overall exam completion. For avoiding time shortage and low marking, it is suggested to finish tasks as per allotted time. Same goes with Task 2 as well.

Q5) My writing speed is decent but my handwriting is poor. Will that be a problem?

A5) The examiner assesses your test based on your vocabulary, spelling, grammar, punctuation, coherence skills. You will not loose any marks if you abide by these criteria. However, if the examiner is not able to comprehend what you have written, that will cause problems. You need not have attractive font styles, but at least readable handwriting.

Try to improve your handwriting a bit more. You can practice writing everyday for starters. With time you will improve.

Q6) I heard there is a word limit for both IELTS Writing tasks. Is there any penalty for exceeding it though? What happens if I write more than 150 words and 250 words in Task1 and Task 2 respectively?  

A6) There is no penalty for exceeding the word limits in both tasks. You won’t get in trouble for writing few more words but even if you do write more, there is no additional reward as well. It will only mess up with your overall time distribution that’s all. Unless you can write( or type in CD-IELTS) with outstanding speed, it is advised NOT to do that. Time management is crucial for getting good scores in IELTS. Don’t get overwhelmed and just stick to the writing instructions.

You need not count the words for word limit. Try to practice writing words within limit. Usually it’s 3-4 short paragraphs for 150 words and 6-7 short paragraphs for 250 words.

Q7) Which sequence for writing tasks should be beneficial? Task 1 then Task 2 or vice versa?

A7) That completely depends on your preference and skills. If you like to attempt Task 1 first, then go ahead. If you think you should go with task 2 first, make a decision and follow the sequence. It actually doesn’t matter what sequence you pick. It won’t affect your overall scores unless you fail to deliver what is asked or waste too much time on one section.

Q8) What is the scoring criteria of IELTS Writing module?

A8) The examiners will mark your answers on the basis of:

  • How relevant and sufficient your answer is
  • Whether you have linked ideas within your answers
  • Your vocabulary range and accuracy
  • The range and accuracy of your Grammar

For detailed information about writing assessment criteria, visit the following link:

Q9) What type of topics will come in Writing Task 2?

A9) This is a very popular question often asked especially by first time test takers. Topics for Task 2 are vast. I could give you few examples, rest you can get online or practice in IELTS coaching classes for Writing module at Gratis Academy.

Essay topics that come in Writing Task 2 are:

Communication,Business and Technology,Education,Economics,Environment,Food and Health,Advertising,Travel,Family and Society,Work,Sports, etc.

Q10) It is mentioned to write an argumentative essay in the Task 2. What does it mean?

A10) Argumentative essays are the essays in which you give your own opinion on a certain matter. You will be asked to state what you think or if you agree with the context of the essay. Sometimes it’s called opinion essay. It’s the same.

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