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IELTS Speaking

With a trained examiner, IELTS Speaking module involves 3 parts that consists direct verbal interview. You entire test is recorded by an examiner and your English speaking ability test is done accordingly.
Total time duration11 to 14 minutes
Total no. of TasksPart 1- Introduction,
Part 2-Cue Card
Part 3- General Discussion

Nature of the Tasks

It includes 3 part one-on-one conversation test.

The following is divided into 3 parts:

Part 1 states questions are asked about oneself and a range of famliar topics just like home, family, work, studies and interests. It is 4-5 minutes lengthier.

Part 2 states card is provided asking to applicaant to express his/her thoughts about a specific topic. Before speaking to prepare, 1 minute is given.

Part 3 states Questions are asked related to part 3

Speaking Skills

These involve questions that test your ability:

  • Showcasing your views on regular general topics
  • Speak at stretch on a provided topic with clarity & conviction.

Regarding topic, evaluate the provided topic and justify your opinion.

Tasks SortsTask format Time durationPurpose of Assessment
Introduction and Interview

The examiner intrduces himself and asks for yours.

Related to general topics such as individual interest, work, studies and family etc, the examiner then asks you questions.

4 to 5 minutesBased on the asked questions, your ability to express ideas and views on general topics are analysed.
Individual long turnThrough the examiner, you are provided a written task. On the given topic, you are then required to speak for 1-2 minutes. For taking notes and preparing for the topic, you are given 1 minute. The Examiner asks few questions at the end of your speech.

3 to 4 minutes

1 minute for preparation

Your ability to speak at length on a provided topic.
Two Way DiscussionBased on the task 2, the examiner asks questions and the candidate is required to discuss and express his/her opinion with the examiner.4 to 5 minutesFor studying the topic, it tests your ability and express views and justify your thoughts.

Don’t Forget to

  • Continue speaking until your time is out or asked by the examiner to stop. Even when you’ve given asnwer, you must absolutelty never become silent.
  • Focus on your speaking style and use correct language. Avoid slang words. Therefore, you will not be rewarded any points for such.
  • Through newspaper articles, essays and online prep materials practice your speaking skills. You can ask any of your friends to interview you and record your provided answers. Monitor your performance and keep on practising.
  • Through attempting IELTS Speaking practice tests available online, make yourself familiar with the test.

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