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    Welcome to Gratis School of Learning!

    We’re dedicated to empowering individuals through effective spoken English coaching. With a focus on practical communication skills, experienced trainers, and a tailored curriculum, we create a dynamic learning environment.

    Join us to transform your language proficiency and open doors to new opportunities.

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    Elevate Your English Journey with Us!

    Expert Guidance

    Receive top-notch spoken English coaching from experienced trainers dedicated to your language development.

    Tailored Learning

    Enjoy a personalized curriculum that caters to your individual learning style and pace, ensuring effective and enjoyable progress.

    Practical Exercises

    Immerse yourself in fun and practical exercises that focus on pronunciation, vocabulary, and conversation, making learning both enjoyable and effective.

    Interactive Sessions

    Engage in dynamic, interactive sessions that prioritize real-life scenarios, allowing you to practice and enhance your communication skills.

    Confidence Building

    Our courses are designed to boost your confidence, enabling you to speak English fluently in various situations.

    Gateway to Opportunities

    Mastering spoken English at Gratis opens doors to a world of opportunities, enhancing your communication skills for personal and professional success.

    Elevate your spoken English skills with Gratis School of Learning. Join us in Panchkula and let your journey to fluent spoken English begin!

    Our Hall of Triumph!
    Celebrating the Journeys and Achievements of Our Successful Students
    Sanjeev Gulati
    Sanjeev Gulati
    10. May, 2022.
    I had a great experience in this institute. I found a lot of improvement in my English pronunciation only within one week.
    Mali Sarpanch
    Mali Sarpanch
    6. May, 2022.
    I liked the class very much
    Sandeep Damara
    Sandeep Damara
    6. May, 2022.
    Works shope class bhut achi rahi or mam ne bhut ache se karwaya thanks of mam Tanya Makkar and Gratis inst.
    Sandeep Damara
    Sandeep Damara
    6. May, 2022.
    Good place for learning digital marketing. Specifically thanks to Miss Tanya Makkar for knowledgeable workshop classes.
    sarika arora
    sarika arora
    5. May, 2022.
    Nice environment for study. Trainers provided me the proper guidance and support to get the desired score in the IELTS. I would surely recommend this institute to everyone, who are looking for IELTS coaching.